The Beautiful Truth – Benefits of Art

Posted: April 26, 2013 in True Art
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From the very first time man started to think he/she also started to dream, and from that time until now, they have solved many problems based both on thoughts and dreams. No less is the relationship between science and art.

Science helps us to solve problems in an intellectual and rational way while art helps us to solve problems in imaginative ways.  Art helps us to think outside of the box and to solve our daily challenges and problems through creative thought. Contrary to what is generally believed by those under the spell of the entertainment media, art is not the property of a chosen few, but rather the way of all people. It guides us to create solutions.

The beautiful truth is that we are all artists as we all have human brains, and since all human brains have a left and right hemisphere, which are responsible for the creative and intellectual mental processes of thought, all people are gifted with the talent to produce art. Even when we do not feel the necessity to express art in some form of work, we are still being affected by the art that we surround ourselves with and that which surrounds us.

The problem is that many people are drawn into the entertainment industries propaganda that art is reserved for a talented select few. Other industries such as the science and scholarly circles view art as a mere imaginative past time of the mind. In this view, many people who are attracted to the power of artistic creation, as well as the creator, lose control of themselves thinking that they are more artistic or more special than the next person through all of the media hype. This view leads them to behave in eccentric and sometimes self-destructive ways. They sometimes tend to think “I am an artist and I am supposed to be odd,” and this view gives birth to eye sores and other sensual disturbances.

Art, if used properly, can go deep into places that science cannot reach, and in so doing, possibly heal the people of the earth. Art is known to heal a variety of dysfunctions including but not limited to anxiety, depression, mental illness, substance abuse, etc. Art can even be applied to minor ailments such as boredom and stress and even extend over into social and emotional difficulties. Properly using art means using art in a way pure to our conscience and the conscience of those whom may be affected by our work.

When we were children, before we learned how to read and write, we could color and draw. When we colored, drew, and played, we did so from a place of purity and goodness. In so doing, our minds were nourished with imaginative calculations of the world that helped us enjoy ourselves and company. When this purity is present, art becomes the medium through which a beautiful truth is expressed. Through art we can improve and enhance our physical, mental, and emotional well-being as well as establish communication with the inner world.

Art helps to build self-esteem in the artist as they feel a deep sense of pride in a work well done. Art also helps to train and discipline the mind of the artist as they must focus in order to learn how to make their thought become reality. In most artistic disciplines truth holds the center stage around which the artist’s art revolves and so the artist builds for him/herself and his/her supporters a unique relationship with truth through self-expression.

In closing, the beautiful truth is that art helps us in various ways to improve and enhance our expressions as well as to cope with, learn from, and enjoy life and through art we expand our knowledge of self and others.

Express yourself in creativity and honesty.

Inwardly Focused,

Aalim Elitou


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