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The Inward Artist: True Art without the Additives was founded by Aalim Elitou, co-founder of Lenabe Life the umbrella for Neshee Publication, Infinite Magazine, and the iMag Network. He has for many decades searched to find that inner artist; that creator of imaginative thought and progenitor of pure beauty. After many years of searching through meditation of deep thoughts and even deeper feelings along with living experiences and inspirations, he has found his inner artist while traveling along the path of creativity. He calls his inner artist, Tru Greenfire, the bright flame of the heart.

Tru Greenfire is an Artist Par Excellence and travels the creative universe searching the hearts and minds of aspiring artists everywhere. He also inspires the hearts of aspiring artists and art lovers through his poetic writings and artistic expression. In short, you could say that he is “A God of Art” (everyone has their own creative God). The Urban Prophet who resides in the heart of Aalim Elitou, is the Inward Artist. His purpose is to awaken the inward artist in all people  by encouraging the master of beauty (through a focus on the importance of art, culture, health and education) to rise and to heal our troubled world at a time when we need it most.

The Inward Artist is a blog dedicated towards self-growth and inner development through artistic expression. It explores the reality of art as a therapeutic medicine that can aid people in expressing their loves and their hates as well as their joys and their fears in a good and positive manner. If it is indeed true that art is a form of medicine, and there are many studies that indicate this to be the case, then we should in time see that the art expressed becomes more and more stable as the mental condition becomes more stable.

It has been said and proven many times that music can heal and uplift the minds of the masses, and it has also been stated and proven that music can disturb and befuddle the mind state of the masses as well, yet there are still people who play on the human thirst for negativity and create music that quenches that thirst. In some cases the results have been utter chaos. Just as music is said to be therapeutic, so too is art: painting, dancing and writing also is said to be good for the emotional state of the person. Hollywood is in our opinion, at the center of what we call the production of mental chaos and the unsettling of the minds of billions. This machine called Hollywood misuses art and gives a distorted view of reality. For this reason we see the artist traveling in two directions: inward and outward. The inward artist is one who journeys into the creative universe and produces art from his/her heart for the well being of themselves and the entire universe. The outward artist is one who journeys into the creative universe for the sake of profit and material gain. By bypassing the heart, the outward artist creates from his/her brain searching for something that will benefit themselves and a limited few with no intent on helping the universe and therefore produces intellectual property only. The inward artist doesn’t merely produce intellectual property, but true intellectual property with that truth being felt deep within his/her heart.

Even with this much said, we see that the outward artist is also an inward artist and the inward artist is also an outward artist because the outward artist travels within for a selfish purpose making themselves a “me-me-me” type, holding their true talents within while an inward artist journeys inside to bring something meaningful to the world making him/her more of a “we-we-we” type of person expressing that inner reality outwardly for the good of all. So, the difference is that one journeys within to aid him/her in the gaining of material things for one’s own selfish enjoyment, and the other journeys within to aid him/herself in the gaining that which is immaterial and beneficial to the universe.

Join us in our cause to find true artist and to bring forth good, wholesome, and beneficial art to this New World that we are entering.

We are always looking for artists of all kind to feature on our blog, so spread the word!

Inwardly Yours,